Lönnrot Pair
Kuva: Eva Tordera Nuno

In what kind of environment was Elias Lönnröt, famed philologist and collector of folk poetry, born? Where did he choose to spend the final years of his life? Did his living conditions change with fame and wealth?

Paikkari cottage and Lammintalo, both in the Sammatti district of Lohja, give visitors a comprehensive look into the life and times of the man who compiled the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The homes are decorated with Lönnrot’s personal belongings and even some items that he made himself. Built around the year 1800, the single-room Paikkari cottage is a humble abode compared to Lammintalo. However, even the larger Lammintalo is far from pretentious. Often described as a combination of a smoke cottage and a nobleman’s home, the house Lönnrot retreated to in his later years was located in the backwoods of Lohja. The remote setting allowed Lönnrot to live and work in peace, free from the distraction of having to entertain guests.

Which of the two museums in this pair are you more fascinated by: the cottage of a tailor’s son or the spacious home of a cultural giant?

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Paikkarin torppa
The birthplace of the author of Kalevala, Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884), which was constructed in early 1800s.

Lammintalo – the last home of Elias Lönnrot
The house of Elias Lönnrot’s twilight years, protected by the Building Protection act, showcases architectural characteristics of a smoke hut and a high-class residence.