Sauna trip to East Uusimaa
Photo: Sakari Kiuru

This trip offers you a glimpse into the earliest, holiest and often also hottest Finnish abode – the sauna, a great source of pride for Finns.
The saunas of the 18th century Hurtig’s Croft, Kycklings’ Sandbacka croft and Pukkila Museum represent typical Finnish saunas with their stoves, bathing platforms and benches and many other traditional sauna items. The sauna moved to Johannes Linnankoski’s childhood home is considered the birthplace of this renowned writer and patriot. Saunas have traditionally been used not only for bathing but also for childbirth and drying malt, flax, fish and meat – and sometimes people have even lived in them!
While enjoying the intimate interiors of Pukkila’s 20th century sauna, you can take a look at old washing equipment. At Kycklings, you can learn more about flax handling and laundry.
A final question: What would you call the bunch of birch twigs hanging by the door of Hurtig’s sauna? Finns call it either vasta or vihta.

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Hurtig's Croft
The daily life of a soldier in a croft dating from the 18th century, with a small yard, smoke sauna and herb garden.

Kyckling's House Museum
The ambience of old buildings and a beautiful garden, old cobbler and metal founder’s tools and local national costumes in an adorable house and its courtyard.

Pukkila Local Museum
Old means of livelihood and life in the Pukkila region, exhibited in the outbuildings of Koivulinna Gallery and showcasing a cobbler’s work, a visitors’ room and various farming tools.

Johannes Linnankoski’s Childhood Home
The life, photographs and writings of author, patriot and popular educator Vihtori Peltonen, known as Johannes Linnankoski, presented in a comfortable cabin.