Strömfors Forge Museum

Strömfors ironworks is one of Finland’s oldest ironworks. Today, the two museum forges showcase the ironworks’ old, hydropower-operated tilt, bundle and nail hammers. The exhibitions present the mass production items of the time, including ploughs, axes, scythes, shovels and other tools as well as nails. They also present living, daily work and various means of livelihood in the area.

There is also an office museum exhibiting furniture and equipment from the old office of the ironworks. The museum features typewriters and calculators dating from the 19th century.

Also displayed is a locomotive, Ruukin Pässi, which was used to transport planks from the sawmill to the harbour as well as plastic and electrical products manufactured by the Ahlström plant.

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Ruukintie 11A, 07970 Ruotsinpyhtää, Loviisa
+358 40 660 4517 +358 44 450 5009
Opening hours
Summer 2017: 13-31.5 and 14-31.8 Sat - Sun 11-17 1.6-13.8 daily 11-17
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Free entrance
By appointment
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