The Taaborinvuori Museum Area

The Taaborinvuori Museum Area includes dwellings of small-time agrarians, Aleksis Kivi's play area and cultural events of the summer!
Aleksis Kivi named the hill adjacent to his birthplace after the Bible as Taaborinvuori (Mount Tabor). A “play church” still exists on the spot where Aleksis used to preach to other children in play sermons as well as dry-standing pine trees supporting a rope swing. There also used to be a village swing on the hill used by young people.
Old buildings from various sights around Nurmijärvi have been transported to Taaborinvuori. A tour in small craftsmen's cottages reveals what everyday domestic chores used to be like a hundred years ago.
There are various cultural events for children and adults in the region during the summer. The Kivi Festival in Nurmijärvi uses the theatre as a means to promote the works of the national author. There is also the summer coffee shop Puolmatkan Krouvi and a museum shop serving customers in the summer. 

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